“Efi Spyrou is a rising star in a city increasingly recognized on the international art scene: Athens. Creating both installations and three-dimensional sculptural works, Spyrou extended her trademark “Swing” works for POP in a collaborative project with designer Antonio Marras. Her themes consistently combine socio-political messages…” by POP magazine

Selected Press:


“Body language: Efi Spyrou is both artist and artwork at Diatopos in Cyprus”, Elly Parsons, Wallpaper*magazine, EN (Dec.2016)
“The Onslaught of Dogs by Efi Spyrou at Diatopos Centre of Contemporary Art in Nicosia. CY”, Charis Kanellopoulou, The, EN (Dec.2016)
“The Onslaught of Dogs, Solo Exhibition by Efi Spyrou”,  Kathimerini Newspaper, CY (GR) (Dec.2016)
“The Symptom#09, Garden Variations from outside to inside and vice versa”,NEON org., (Sept.2018)
On the grid: new Athens show unites the work of three Greek artists”, Ali Morris, Wallpaper*magazine, EN (Dec. 2015)
“Search and Destroy”, Cathryn Dake, Artforum, EN (Dec.2015)
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“How much does art cost”, Marilena Astrapellou, Vimagazino magazine, GR (Apr.2016)
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“Rooms with View”, Elena Parpa, Phileleftheros Newspaper, CY, GR (Jan.2012)
“Neoromantisism…greek young artists”, Vassilika Sarilaki,, GR (Feb.2012)
“Exhibition Pop Noueveau at is Not Gallery”, Must magazine, CY, GR (Oct.2011)
“Efi Spyrou-Pop Nouveau, Is not Gallery”, Marina Avraam, «To Periodiko» magazine, (Self Portrait), CY (Sept. 2011)
“Exhibition: Pop Nouveau at Is Not Gallery, Filep Motwary , &, EN (Sep.2011)
“Post Gravity by Efi Spyrou”, Minas Minatsis,, EN (May2011)
“Trauma zones…”, Marina Shiza, Phileleftheros Newspaper, CY (April 2010)
“Intercalary visual actions”, Naftemporiki Newspaper, GR (April 2010)


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“La signora de l’Arte”,, CY-GR (Dec.2016)
“The beauty of Art”, Sotia Zeniou, Omikron Magazine, CY (Self Portrait) (Feb.2016)
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“Efi Spyrou”, Marilena Astrapellou, Newspaper Vima- magz. Vima Donna, GR, p.76 Future (Self Portrait) (?ay 2013)
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“Künstlerische Inspiration trotz Krise”, Chrissi Wilkens, Deutschlandradio, Kultur heute (Team Portrait) GER (Dec. 2013)
“Efi Spyrou Swings”, Rene Habermacher, & (Self Portrait), EN (March.2011)


“Bodies in Procession”, Charis Kanellopoulou, Diatopos, Nicosia (Dec.2016)
“Devalue, Value, Surplus Value| Between “work” and “art”, Charis Kanellopoulou, ISET, Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Athens (Apr.2016)
“PLEXUS, The grid as process”, Tina Pandi-Stamatis Schizakis, Athens (Nov.2015)
“Fight or Flight”, Marina Xatzilouka, Lydia Mandridou, Karolina Spyrou, Space, Nicosia (Dec. 2015)
“Things Known and Unknown and in Between the Doors”, Vasilika Sarilaki (Dec.2014)
“Pink Milk”, Tradition Today, Stavros Kavallaris, House of Cyprus, Athens (Oct.2014)
“Folding Embodiments”, Optical Antrhopologist Evangelia Ledaki, Art Athena Fair 2013, GR (May 2013)
“Stopover” by Nikos Mykoniatis, Haris Kanellopoulou, Art Historian, Action Field Kodra, Contemporary Art Festival Thessaloniki GR (Sept.2012)
“Memoria”, Kostas Argianas, Art Historian, Tsihritzi Foundation, Athens, GR (May 2012)
“Efi Spyrou-Series Pink Milk”, Andrea Constantinou, CY (Jun.2011)
“Emvolima”, Thanasis Moutsopoulos, Cultural Center of Cyprus, Athens GR (May 2010)
“The Big Sleep”, Thanasis Moutsopoulos, National Gallery, Kalamata, GR (Jun.2008)

Special Collaborations:

“Ametric Burden”, Efi Spyrou-Rene Habermacher, Collaboration in a photo-performance story (2018-2019)“Arthur Rimbaud” [1854-1891], Lightning, Collaboration with NOMAS magazine, Paris issue (Winter 2015)
“Efi Spyrou-Antonio Marras” (Kenzo), Collaboration in a sculptural story based on her project “Swings”, (Summer 2011) Pop magazine, UK
PoP contributor, PoP magazine, London, UK (2011-2012)
Stimuleye contributor, Stimuleye Archive by Fashion photographer Rene Habermacher