“Music of a Burning Star”

“Music of a Burning Star”

“Music of a Burning Star”

“MUSIC OF A BURNING STAR” is a large-scale woven art work made of reflective tapes and black velvet, which aspires to create thoughts around the concepts of light, perpetual motion and energy, while at the same time highlighting the need for harmonious coexistence between man, natural and artificial environments. The work is nominated in the PPC competition for the way it highlights the philosophical aspects of energy and light and
the passage from one to the other.

Made of reflective films (usually mounted on moving vehicles, as the reflection of light makes objects visible in the dark;) and absorbent black velvet, the work invites the viewer to activate the surface with light (using a photographic flash or a projector in motion). In this way the body-work is activated, becomes brighter, interacts and coexists with the viewer’s human body and vice versa. An experiential work that relies heavily on each viewer’s individual experience of discovery.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Efi Spyrou

“MUSIC OF A BURNING STAR”, 2021-22, black velvet, reflective tapes, iron, 450x 200x 5 cm Fabric Sponsor The Fabulous Group, Athens, Christos Stamatopoulos Production assistants: Vasso Vissariou, Ioanna Kafourou

PPC S.A AWARDS EXHIBITION Feb.2022 Old Thermal Power Plant of PPC Pireas, Greece

“PPC meets Art” curated by Katerina Koskina


“TERANTIDS”; triptych 80X80X5 cm/each; Reflecting tapes, fabric, wood


“TERANTIDS” comes from a paraphrase of the word Quadrantids-a rain of star meteors, a celestial phenomenon that occurs in early January when the Earth is at the closest point in its orbit to the sun.  Terra, the ancient Greek teras (monster) takes the place of Quadrans.


The bright mythical ‘monsters’ of the night wake us up

Survival instincts

In hostile times


They call us

To the reawakening of

-personal or collective-

Shooting stars,

For a rain of light

For a rain of hope and upliftment

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