“Pink Milk”

“Pink Milk”

“Pink Milk”

                “Pink Milk”; Iron, glass, color, paint; 0,24x 0,17x 2,00 cm

Efi Spyrou’s “Pink Milk” channels through the revival of feminism in the art world since the early 21st century. Artworks born in a nexus of desire, shaped by demands for equality on the one hand and the image world of the mass media on the other, participate in a feminist critique of womanliness. An empty glass and a bottle containing pink-colored liquid which rest on an iron table constitute Spyrou’s work as a projection of her own intimacy and mythology.

The artist ruptures the logic of “pinklit” by appealing to iconoclastic visual renditions as to what feminitude is all about vis-à-vis a much needed, nowadays, redefinition of masculinity. “Pink Milk” could be perceived as a hymn to the “woman-wet nurse”, a putative example of a new narrative in need of new forms which art could provide as an opportunity to alter the way we tell stories in order to change the stories we can tell.

Art Historian-Curator, Stavros Kavallaris

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