“Metamorphoses; Installation Fluorescent tubes, heavy duty straps, metal, colour;
9 panels 0,92x 0,62x 2,5 cm each Commissioned by Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative 

“Edged Sun”; Fresco colour, plexiglass, water, olive oil 23 x 48 x 19 cm

DSC_0743 b
IMG_3881 WB
SPYROU Nautilos wb


“NautilusPolyamide 3D print; 0,7 x 0,26 x 0,19 cm
With the kind support of “Kelyphos”

“Carpet”; Fluorescent tubes, heavy duty straps; 1,50x 0,40 cm

“Metamorphoses” (sketch), 2014, digital print on paper, dimensions vary 

“Tramp in” {}, 2011, Plaster, 0,12 x 0,13 X 0,1 cm
“Tramp in”, 2011-2015, 4 wall pieces, wood,latex, metal, 0,7 x 0,13 X 0,1 cm


Nautilus and Carpet by Efi Spyrou2

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