“Flying Atopism”

“Flying Atopism”

Flying Atopism. by Efi Spyrou 2013
Video Performance

Sorcerized I sorcerized you sorcerized it sorcerized we
sorcerized they


Exuviae: things detached of the distributed
body and
distributed in the milieu
Whole not
Ending not
Part Whole
Smoke Fire
Résau de Stoppages Le Grand Verre

Shadows simulacra
Reflections of things peeled off from the surface of body
Body Nous
Flying in space and time
Direction not All directions

Skins Rinds films Skins ephemeral In growth
Skins transparent
Cicadas’ vesture
Serpent puts off Serpent puts on
Offering objectified
One offering is rewarded

Generate I generate you generated it generated we generated you generated they
Index of generation caused by
generation that causes it

Seeing….is going forth of the sight towards the object

See touch Touch see
Stella Kramrisch
Index receiver Recipient
I see you see we see we see each other
Swinging we

In outside inside
Thing Eidolon Index Receiver Recipient
Relations objects Persons objects

Thing: socially acts under social rules
Foreground or background
Performances persons
Out inside outside

Inside homunculus outside
Inside body outside
Body only
Nous only
Nousonly? Bodyonly?
Nousbody nousbody

A’a: Polynesian sculpture from Rututu
in Austral Isles
God homunculus god Homunculus god homunculus
(box god hollow god ark god)

One one two three five eight thirteen twentyone thirtyfour
Fiftyfive eightynine…

Fractal: figure which demonstrates the property of self-similarity
at different scales

Mauri Malangan Matryoshka A’a
Priests priests Children priests children priests

Layer outside
Peeling Salvation not
Hardened layer
Curled layer
Soft layer
Layer in and out
Layers many
Layers small smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller…
Until the…
No end ultimate end

Made of accumulated layers of relational experience
Multitude Singular Plural singular Singular plural
Multitude singularity
Reduplication skin macro-microcosmic
Spatial Temporal

Distribution partition inter winnowing inter futurity
(Inter)presentness (inter)pastness
Futurepresentness pastpresentness

Retention from latin retenti? retain, hold, preserve

Protention from greek proklino
lean forward

Protention invitation pro
Retention re examine re
Tention moments
Relation moments
Relation indexes

Concentric indivisible distributed objectification of moments

(Distributed I dismembered I dispersed I winnowed I
Dislocated I
Interspersed I interspersed you interspersed we interspersed you interspersed they)


Efi Spyrou

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