Photo by  Nikos Papadopoulos

“In a brave exhibition model-turned-artist Efi Spyrou uses her own body as a canvas, acting as both the creator and the creation…” by ELLY PARSONS Wallpaper*magazine

My work talks about the progressive movement from the particularity of personal narrative to the universality of collective memory. Employing the means of sculpture, drawing, video and photo-performance my artistic practice deals with a concurrently sensitive and caustic sociopolitical commentary, while navigating the contradictions generated by a childhood disciplined and conservative background in contrast to the fast-paced world of fashion and mass media in which I have been active for several years.

Concepts of presence and absence, visibility and invisibility, mobility and stasis are brought together under a single artistic research that re-addresses the threshold between the private and the public sphere, cultural representation and the contemporary anxieties of our society. From the usage of natural materials and cultural references, to the industrial, distant and sometimes dystopian elements usually present in my work, my artistic practice endeavors to build up a vocabulary of materials and forms that respond to the conceptual and narrative directives of a body of work that engages with the production of objects and installations imbued with a poetic language.

Attempting to touch on the complex relations between one’s self with the ‘Other’ in regards to matters of intercultural dialogue and identity, institutionalization, power and discipline, trauma and gender, fashion and art politics…I am inviting the spectator in an intellectual and emotional state of implicit participation… 

          E. Spyrou